“Perfect Story”


seven steps to the perfect story

They make this seem way too easy.


I understand the need for guidelines and general rules in writing, but some of this just seems so…cliche. I can make up whatever characters I want, gosh darn it. I don’t want titles to fit my characters into. They’re people that are alive in my head, and they all have cool back-stories that are way too long and involved to put into the book. No one can limit them or make them fit into a stereotype unless I do first. They’re like, my imaginary children. But not.

I definitely want a mix of a few of those plot lines too. Who says you can’t go on a quest and escape a monster and get rich at the very end? XD

Also why is hobbit misspelled? 😛

Yeah it’s late, or rather, early. End rant, bed time for me. 😛

Although, if you find this helpful, then that’s awesome. I wish you luck in your writing endeavors. I’m just a little overprotective of my characters. :3